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We’re a truly multi-cultural bunch based in Copenhagen, all with strong ties to the Philippines for different reasons – family, love and work. But what really brings us together is the mutual desire to make the best of both these worlds and create something together that will bring about positive, lasting change to the most pressing issues in the Philippines – poverty and climate change.

When we visit the Philippines, we find an abundance of beautiful, nutritious fruits and vegetables that are yet to be discovered here in the West. It occurred to us that our base in Copenhagen, the gastro capital of Scandinavia, would be an ideal place from which to introduce you to exciting new foods from the Philippines.

We’ve brought together our different backgrounds and common passion, to start Roots Food as a social enterprise. Jackie is the power Social Entrepreneur of the team. Half-Filipina, born and raised in Denmark, she recently completed her Masters’ degree in Social Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School including an internship with the Institute of Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (Manila). Daniel, is a true global nomad, an experienced businessman with over 10 years in the financial services and with 4 years of business experience in the Philippines. Lisa, is also half-Filipina and half-Danish and has several years of experience in the NGO sector in developing countries.

We decided to create a business that is a driving force for innovation, working with the principles of fair trade and sustainability. Our goal is to run a business that empowers people – that gives farmers in vulnerable parts of the Philippines a sustainable livelihood that can feed their families and gives consumers in the West the choice of a healthy product that gives back.

Ultimately, we want to spread more happiness in this world. We call this our “Eat Happy Be Happy”philosophy!


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